Tips for a flawless base

Ever wondered how your favorite makeup artists get their clients makeup to look to seamless and effortless? The beauty of being a makeup artist is that you can learn from your favorites and put together a technique that will work for you. Here are some tips to help you achieve a flawless base:

Skin preparation
Ensure that you prepare according to your client’s skin type. Your clients skin type can simply be determined by asking them. If they do not know, ask them questions such as “do you get oily around your nose?” and then use products that will compliment the type of skin they have. In addition, allow each product that you put onto your client’s skin a minute to set

I’m certain that you’ve heard the saying “blend until your hand falls off”. this is not only true for your eyeshadow but for your base as well. use smaller blending brushes or sponges to get into hard-to-reach areas (i.e. under the eyes, corners of the nose etc.). Take your time.

Cream products
Incorporate more cream products in your makeup process. cream products tend to blend easily and allow the finished products to look effortless. for example, applying cream blush can help you in the longevity of your blush

Until next time!