How to stop cakey / patchy makeup

  1. You are skin prepping the wrong way
    the products that you apply before your foundation are crucial to the success of your makeup application. It is important that you understand the function of the products that you apply. Cleanse, moisturise, prime and illuminate the skin. Ensure that you either use your hand or a brush to buff out the products. Using a beauty sponge will allow for product build up resulting in heavy layers of the products.
  2. Your using too much foundation
    I know, I know .. it is extremely tempting to pack on those layers of foundation. Use what you need and be careful to not to over do it.
    Use a brush to apply a thin layer of foundation onto the skin and then buff it out with a damp beauty sponge. This allows for a seamless, skin like finish to the foundation. The aim is to look good in person AND on camera.
  3. You’re stingy with your powders
    Use your powdered products. Set your foundation and concealers with powder and then apply a hydrating mist to bring back the dewyness and skin like finish.
    Remember, powder allows you to set your cream products so that they do not move.

I hope that this helps.

Until next time,