10 Makeup Hacks (I Wish I Knew Earlier)

  1. Under Eye Creasing:
    Firstly, You Need To Ensure That Your Under Eye Is Well Moisturized. When You Move On To Applying Your Foundation, Do Not Apply Foundation Under Your Eyes, Leave That Area For The Concealer. Less Product Build Up Will Result In Less Creasing Under The Eye.
  2. Under Eye Correction:
    If You Struggle With Darker Under Eyes, Use A Concealer That Matches Your Skin Tone First Before Highlighting It With A Lighter Concealer. This Gets Rids Of Grey Or Ashy Tones That May Peak Through From The Dark Areas Of The Skin And Acts As A “Colour Corrector”.
  3. Blend Contour Then Brighten:
    Blend Your Contour First And Then Brighten. This Is To Ensure That The Brighter Areas Stay Bright.
  4. Let Your Concealer Marinate:
    This Way You Are Using Less Product While Still Getting A Full Coverage Effect. Let Your Concealer Sit For 10-20 Seconds Before Blending It Out. This Is A Life Changer.
  5. Add Cream Blush For Lengevity:
    If You Find That Your Blush Has Disappeared After You’ve Applied Your Entire Makeup, Try Adding Cream Blush First And Then Set It With Powder.
  6. Powder Puff To Set Your Face:
    Use A Powder Puff To Set Your Makeup. You Want To Gently Press The Product Into Face Until It Has Disappeared. Please Note That We Are Setting The Face, Not Baking. This Is The Key To A Flawless Base.
  7. Spray Then Highlight:
    Set Your Makeup With A Setting Spray Or Finishing Spray Just Before Applying Your Highlighter. This Makes Your Highlighter “Pop”.
  8. Brows After Base:
    Do Your Eyebrow Makeup After Doing Your Base Makeup. This Ensures That There Is No Product Build Up And Gives Your Makeup A Clean And Natural Look.
  9. Bronzer For Transition:
    Your Bronzer Shade Is Your Perfect Transition Shade. The Eyeshadow That You Apply Thereafter Will Flow Seamlessly.
  10. Darker Pencil For Lip Definition:
    Use A Dark Lip Liner To Really Define Your Lips, No Matter The Shade Of Lipstick You Are Going To Use. This Gives Your Lips A More Plump And Fuller Effect.

I Hope That This Was Helpful.

Until Next Time, Stay Gorgeous.