Tips For Makeup Artists Experiencing Slow Bookings

Wedding, graduation and farewell season has come and gone and for some reason, your bookings have slowed down. You’ve gone from booked ten times a day to only once a week (if you are lucky, lol). This is normal and although this can be a frustrating period, here are some tips that you can do as a makeup artist who is experiencing slow bookings:

Freshen Your Makeup Skills

Use this time to freshen up your makeup skills. Whether it’s taking a makeup class, practicing on yourself, or getting face models. This benefits you in several ways: taking makeup classes can teach you current trends, introduce you to new products, and you get to ask experts in the field questions that you may be battling with. Practicing on yourself or a model helps you to explore looks that you otherwise may not be brave enough to try on a paying client

Update Your Social Media Platforms

Often you are so booked and busy that you forget to put your work on social media. Use this time to create social media pages and upload content. This allows your target audience to view your latest work and interact with you instantly.

Create An Online Course

Online courses are all the rave right now. They are informative, quick, and so convenient. Makeup artists who make use of online courses share their signature looks, tips and super useful makeup hacks while making money. You get to learn from your favorites while being in the comfort of your own home.

Clean Your Makeup Area

This is something that we should all do…regularly. Clean up your makeup area, do some deep cleaning, take out your broken palettes and broken brushes out of your kit. Throw away expired products and take time to disinfect your space for your future clients.


Get yourself a journal so that you can write down any plans, ideas and how you’re feeling. It’s a good way to reflect on your journey as a makeup artist thus far.

Update Your Booking Policy

Take some time to reflect on what you would like to change with your current set up. Update your booking policy, contact information and booking details so that future clients know how to reach you and what to expect from your service.

Live Your Life

Take this time to truly rest and enjoy life. This also serves as a reset period to get you energized for the next busy season.

Until next time!