What to pack in your makeup kit

POV: you’re a beginner makeup artist and you’re wondering what to pack in your makeup kit

  1. Emergency/ sanitation bag:
    In this bag, you pack your all you need for an emergency: band aids, tissue, alcohol prep pad, rubbing alcohol (for those brushes that you need to clean on the go and reuse within a short period of time, wipes etc.
  2. Brushes:
    Pack your set of brushes and add extra brushes. You never know when that aunty will request makeup on the spot. Be prepared.
  3. Powders and face palette
    It becomes much easier to find the products you need when you group like items together. Have a bag where you store your powders and face palettes
  4. Makeup sprays:
    In this bag, ensure that you put all your sprays together. For example, primer sprays, hydrating sprays, setting sprays etc.
  5. Eyeshadow palettes:
    This bag, consists of your eyeshadow palettes. Group all of your eyeshadow palettes together to allow you to find them easily and prevent them from getting damaged by other makeup products.
  6. Mini touch up kits:
    This is not necessary but it’s nice to give to your clients. In a makeup touch up kit you may include items such as: lip applicators, small makeup removing wipes, sponges etc.
  7. Extension cord:
    If you double up as a makeup artist and content creator (or perhaps you take your lighting really seriously) and you carry around your ring light, then ensure that you bring your own extension cords.
  8. Paper towels/ towels and mini trash bags:
    The set us as important as the clean up. If you are travelling to your client, ensure that you set your products on a clean paper towel/ towel. Once you are done, pull out your mini trash bag and dispose of the items that you no longer need (e.g. used wipes, eyelash trays etc.). It really leaves a good impression on your client when you honour the space provided for you.
  9. Extra disposables:
    In your extra disposables folder, ensure that you have eyelashes, sponges, disposable wands/mascara wands ear buds etc.
  10. Face products:
    Here you pack all of your foundations, concealers, highlighters etc.

Et Voila! I hope this helps