Summer beauty trends for the office

Beauty trends come and go with every passing year. Makeup trends are also known to be seasonal. Summer beauty trends for the office can be tricky to navigate without the right know-how about the relevant tools and products to use. Fortunately, we have some great advice to help you lean into the best looks to suit you.

For many people office-wear can be quite limiting but with some makeup tricks you are able to add some colour and spark to any look you have. The key thing to remember with any makeup look is that it should ideally enhance your best features. So you don’t want it to distract from this or to be over-the-top. In an office-setting, you’ll want your makeup look to retain a sense of understated style and glamour without screaming at everyone in sparkly bright colours that shimmer too much and end up making you look like a clown.

You’ll want to achieve a sense of balance and to create a look that is both professional and creative.

Navy or purple go a long way towards enhancing your eyes, but for a fresh summer look you’ll want to opt for a soft peach, pink or brown instead (insert soft glam here).

The classic black liner look is timeless but for summer beauty trends for the office you’ll want to thicken it and keep it minimal to ensure a clean look. Alternatively, you could opt for an earthy brown eyeshadow for the office.

Mascara does a lot of work with the eyes too, so you don’t have to add too many elements to stand out.

Red lipstick is classic, especially when paired with natural eyes and cheeks. Pink glossy lips are always eye-catching and can achieve this effect in a subtle way too for the office.

Another fun element to explore with summer beauty trends for the office is to play around with your lower lashes. You could give them the same or a lighter shade than the ones on top – adding a fun element to your look.

Keep things fresh by experimenting with colours and your makeup application method with summer beauty trends.

If you’re going back to the office this year make sure that you shine as beautifully as your work. Go get ‘em champ!


Until next time, mwah!