How to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask

Wearing masks has become our new normal. With the spread of the Covid-19 virus there have been quite a few adjustments to ways of life for people worldwide.

Wearing masks when out in public, to help prevent the spread of the virus, hasn’t always been an easy adjustment. It has been uncomfortable, we struggle to breathe and our fabulous makeup…well, don’t get me started on that.

For a lot of us avid makeup wearers, there has been a lot of trial and error along the way. From putting on your most kissable lip gloss and then having it wiped right off by the mask to the masks stained with lipstick colour, not forgetting the skin breakouts around the mouth area… heavy sigh, there have been quite a few lessons learned.

One of the main ones being how to keep your makeup from transferring onto your mask. If you didn’t know, here are a few tips and tricks:


Long-lasting lip colour is ideal so you can avoid having smudged lipstick all over your face when you take your mask off.


It’s advisable to stick to lightweight liquids or powders and to avoid cream foundations. Minimize dewy makeup, rather opt for matte products. Opting for light coverage helps too. You can also use a translucent setting powder or a setting spray as an extra protective barrier. If you can avoid wearing foundation and concealer, then do so.


Focus on accentuating your eyes while wearing a mask. Use waterproof liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara on the lashes to enhance these features. You could also experiment with different eyeshadow colours for a different effect.


With the wide array of mask options available, which one is the best when wearing makeup?  Silk masks are cooling and tend to absorb less moisture than cotton, so it may be useful to invest in one of these. Many people are also opting for serums rather than heavy creams. Avoiding petroleum-based moisturizers has also proven to help.

Keep in mind that skincare is a vital step in any makeup routine, so don’t neglect cleansing and toning as usual to help avoid any breakouts.

If using a cloth mask, ensure that you use boiling water to clean it and air-dry.

That’s all for today dolls, Stay gorgeous!