During lockdown you might have been bored in the house and in the house bored (I think this calls for a TikTok haitus, lol!) and came across a weird concept “Whatsapp makeup class”…”join for a small fee” they say. Now you’re puzzled because you’re wondering how you learn about makeup? On whatsapp?? For a certain amount of money??? Is this a YouTube video that you pay for or can you actually learn something new? Well my friend, I did the research so you can read about it and make an informed decision. This is what goes down:


So your favourite makeup artist puts up an electronic flyer that says she’s giving an online makeup class and you are excited because 1. It costs a fraction of the price to book her/him and 2. You get to learn from your favourite makeup artist.
You then save the contact details on your phone and text your makeup artist telling them that you would like to get more information about the class because you’re interested in possibly being a part of it. The MUA will usually respond with the information requested along with their banking details. If your MUA is based in a different country, they are likely to put provide their PayPal account details as well as their regular banking details. Note: prices differ and I have joined whatsapp makeup groups for as little as R150/$8/N3000 to as much as R700/$35/N15 000. Prices may vary depending on the MUA and/or their target market.


Once you’ve made payment and sent the proof of payment to the MUA they will confirm that you are now part of the class which will run from a certain date (they usually run over 2-3 days). The MUA will also send you the following: the list of products you’ll need as well as the schedule/topics that will be covered during certain days. For example, “day 1 will focus on eyebrows”, “day 2 will focus on eyeshadow” etc. to help you prepare mentally for what will take place. Some MUA’s prefer to do different looks during the days for example: “day 1 will be a soft glam look”, “day 2 will be a colourful look” etc.
You may request this information prior to paying to ensure that the content delivered is something that will be of interest to you.


On the scheduled day, you will be in a group with a number of other makeup enthusiasts and the MUA will post the first video. She/he will then ask that you watch the video, practice at home and if you have any questions, compile them in a paragraph and send them to the group during the Q&A (question & answer) session which usually takes place later in the day for about an hour or two. This will happen consistently over the days of the scheduled class.
Note: The MUA’s will encourage you to keep the content to yourself as you’ve paid for it.


When the MUA has shared all the content that s/he has prepared for you s/he will then leave the group. You have the choice of leaving the group too or staying and continuing to network with your fellow makeup enthusiasts. Some MUA’s will also ask that you share your testimonials on social media. This is not only an excellent marketing tool but it shows that participants grow in some way from the class.
That’s it dolls. I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about online makeup classes. I will share the advantages as well as disadvantages of joining an online makeup class in the next blog post.

Until next time!