Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Whatsapp Makeup Classes

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many of us at home and with more time to kill (no pun intended). You might be considering joining a whatsapp online class because what better time to practice and perfect your skill than the present right? Right!
If you’ve read my previous blog post on what online whatsapp makeup classes are (if you haven’t, I’m judging you but here you go doll (link)) then you might be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of joining one can be. Below, I’ve outlined some pros and cons to an online whatsapp makeup classes.




You get to interact with your favourite MUA regarding your favourite topic, makeup!

The MUA can also give you direct feedback on your technique if you practice and submit it in the group


In groups with lots of participants, the messages will flood the group. Sometimes, you may miss valuable information from the makeup artist because you’re going through hundreds of messages


You learn new techniques to apply makeup on yourself or your clients


Some classes may feel like you’re just paying for an extended YouTube video that does not give you any new information


You get to network with other makeup enthusiasts. This will allow you to share ideas and products that others have found useful.


The MUA’s have usually pre-recorded the looks that they would like to present so you won’t be able to request the blue-cloud eyeshadow that you’ve been desperate to learn. (sigh, me too girl, me too)


If you decide to post your work in the group, you are able to ask for constructive critique from the group members.

The MUA’s also make time for questions and answers from the group members and will then answer the questions.


To get the most out of these classes, you will be required to practice on yourself or another person so that you can ask questions about the technique later on in the class.

If you don’t practice then you might not get the feedback you need to perfect a technique


Being a part of a group of people who love makeup as much as you do can be highly motivating. Not only do you all share a love for the craft but you’re getting a chance to improve/ perfect your skill.


With a group of people all gunning for the MUA’s attention, it’s easy to feel lost and slightly intimated when other group members submit their “practice work of the day”. But, don’t let that deter you. You are all there to learn after all.

Structured and organized

To conduct a successful whatsapp class, the MUA’s are usually structured and have done thorough planning to ensure that you gain as much knowledge as possible in the short space of time


Solution based

It shows you that many aspiring makeup artists or beauty enthusiasts share the same/struggles and it provides an opportunity to provide solutions


There you have it. A few pro’s and cons of joining an online whatsapp makeup class. Have you joined an online makeup class? If not, would you consider it? Comment down below, I love hearing from you!

Until next time, stay safe dolls!