5 reasons why your eyelashes won’t stick

False eyelashes make or break your entire makeup look (unless, you’re going for the “no-makeup-makeup-look”… in that case, skip this article and check out my Instagram page for cute makeup looks https://www.instagram.com/makeupbykatli/). Somehow, every YouTube video you watch makes it look like a walk in the park on a warm summers day while in your case getting them to stick and stay on can be a bit of a challenge.
As a makeup artist, I sometimes have trouble ensuring that lashes stick on perfectly every time. While there is no foolproof way of ensuring that you get it right 100% of the time, here’s are some tell-tale signs that you’re doing something wrong:

    1. Your eyelashes are dirty

If you’re a beginner at makeup, you might have tried to use your eyelashes before and given up. Before attempting to use them again, clean the eyelashes by soaking them in hot water and removing the old glue with a tweezer. Alternatively, grab a cotton bud, soak it in micellar water and clean your falsies with it.

  1. The glue is still wet

Ten times out of ten, the main reason why your eyelashes aren’t sticking is because the glue is still wet. Eyelashes stick on faster when the applied glue is tacky. You get the glue to become tacky by allowing the glue to sit on your strip lash for 45-60 seconds before attempting to put them back on. While your glue is tackyfying (is that even a word?) do something productive like put on your mascara. Before you know it, you’ll be a multi-tasking makeup guru… thank me later.

  1. Watery eyes

Another reason why your eyelashes may not stick may be due to your watery eyes. The tips of the strip eyelashes need to be stuck on to ensure that your false lash stays on. If your eye is watery, it will hinder the glue from drying onto your skin. Take a step back, figure out what has irritated your eye and give it another go..or sit this one out because those eyelashes won’t stay on.

  1. The lashes are too long

Many strip eyelashes are a tad bit extended so that they are able to accommodate the majority of eye shapes. You will need to measure the strip eyelash to your eye BEFORE you decide that the extra long extra dramatic eyelash will fit your eye. So give them a snip at the end so that it fits your eye shape. You can also snip them in the middle and apply them separately so as to give you better control.

  1. Your hands are shaky

You’re nervous, I get it. Eyelash application can induce anxiety (this may or may not be in the DSM=5…don’t quote me) so relax. If you feel that your hands are shaky try balancing your elbow on a table, look down and stick those babies on. It may help to use tweezers to have more control over the strip lash.

There you go. Some fireproof ways to avoid the terror of temporary eyelashes.. just kidding.
Stay beautiful doll!