How COVID-19 is affecting the makeup industry

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2020 that we found out about the Corona virus and our world turned upside down. Literally. In this blog post, I will talk about the ways in which the corona virus has affected the makeup industry with particular reference to makeup-artists.

  1. Extra precaution

Pre-social distancing, one heard about the virus but, it seemed like a distant issue. Be that as it may it required makeup artists to take precautions by doing the following:

  • inquire about the health of the client and whether they had been exposed to the virus;
  • postponing clients who were ill;
  • encouraging clients who were feeling ill to see a doctor before they came for their appointment;
  • cleaning and sanitizing your makeup tools;
  • Wash and sanitize your hands before working on a client as well as;
  • Encourage your client to wash and sanitize your clients hands;
  • Close shop until further notice.
  1. Cancelled/ Postponed Events

The cancellation/postponement of events has had an enormous impact on makeup artists as clients have not booked appointments and those who have have asked for re-funds of their deposits. This has resulted in a lack of income and not to mention high frustration levels when it comes to the administration processes.

  1. Closing of businesses

Now that we’re in the social distancing / nationwide lockdown due to the high number of cases detected in our countries. This has forced makeup artists to refuse to take new clients as a precaution to keep not only themselves, but their clients safe as well. This is tough on makeup artists because no work= no pay.

Another way in which the closing of businesses has affected makeup artists is through imports and exports. There has been a delay in packages and with factories from high risk countries closed, getting affordable products in bulk proves to be challenging. In countries such as South Africa, packages from high risk countries are either prohibited and if they’re an essential item, they are required to be heavily sanitized.

Hectic but necessary.

Love and light during this challenging time.

What are some of the other ways COVID-19 has affected the beauty industry? Share them in the comment section below.