8 things to do as a makeup artist during social distancing / lock-down

It’s crazy how things can change within a short period of time…a week ago we were uncertain with the COVID-19 outbreak and now we’re scared, anxious and exhausted. With that said, it’s important to look on the bright side, be mindful and channel our energy into something productive. Here are a few things to do as a makeup artist during social distancing.

  1. Clean & sanitize your makeup tools
    As a makeup artist, we all know how messy our makeup products, tools and storage compartments can get. Use this free time to properly deep clean and sanitize your tools.
  2. Stock taking
    If you are booked and busy, you often find yourself making mental notes to remember to buy a makeup product mid face beat. I know, I do that ALL the time. Go through your makeup bag and see what items you need to stock up on for your kit. Sort of like sock taking but boujier. Make a list of the items you need and take it with you the next time you’re at the mall.
  3. Catch up on admin
    If you are a freelance makeup artist, you know how important it is to have your clients pay a deposit fee in order to make an appointment. Now you have a bunch of deposits and events are postponed… What now? Make a detailed record/summary of the clients who have paid as well as their outstanding balances so that you can refund your clients or transfer the deposit to a new date.
  4. Update your social media account
    Take this time to watermark and edit existing client photos and upload them on your social media platforms. Don’t have social media platforms for your business? Well, now is a good time to start that Instagram, Facebook or twitter account.
  5. Sharpen your makeup skills
    Makeup evolves daily and there’s always something new to learn. Take this time to practice and sharpen your (already bomb) makeup skills. You can also read books, join a whatsapp makeup class or read magazines to keep abreast of the newest products and latest trends when it comes to makeup.
  6. Create content
    This goes hand in hand with updating your social media platforms. Use this time to try out makeup looks and record it, share tips and tricks on how to be more efficient as a makeup artist/ enthusiast. People are home, mindlessly scrolling through their phones… Give them something interesting to watch and learn.
  7. Take online courses
    If you need something to keep your brain stimulated, search the web for makeup related online courses. Platforms like https://www.theonlinemakeupschool.com/ offer online training. Never had the time to complete a course, here’s the perfect time.
  8. Rest
    It’s no secret that makeup artists work long hours, especially during busy seasons. Use this time to rest and pamper yourself. Get in those 8 hours of sleep, hydrate, give yourself foot rubs and take care of your skin. Most importantly, prepare to get back to work when this chaos has subsided.

Stay home. Stay safe.