Get creative with DIY Lipstick

When you run out of your favourite lipstick there is no reason that you can’t get creative and mix things up a little. You can always melt a few of your lipsticks together to invent new hues. If you have leftover pieces of lipstick, you could always mix different colours to come up with some of the most unusual colours.

DIY lipstick is a fun and innovative way to create some new colours for yourself without even having to spend too much money on cosmetics.

Looking to create a subdued pink colour? Simply mix your left over nude and raspberry lipstick colours. All you need is a candle, a double boiler and some lipstick.

How to create your DIY Lipstick:

Decide on the container you want to use.  Before reusing any containers, soak them in hot water and wipe them out using a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar.

It’s always best to start with a small batch before experimenting with any adjustments, substitutions or changes to your recipe. Make sure that you do a skin patch test before trying out new ingredients. Wait at least 24 hours to see if any reaction occurs.

Use a knife to slice a small amount of lipstick off and melt it into the blend of ingredients.

If you want to add sweet flavour to your lipstick, you can use a drop of honey, vanilla extract, maple syrup, chocolate chips, green tea or even dried flowers and herbs.

The best oils to use when creating DIY Lipstick include the likes of Pure vitamin E, sunflower oil or even jojoba oil.

Options for colouring include natural food colouring, cocoa powder, cinnamon powder and turmeric powder among others. When tinting, be sure to add the colour slowly.

Enjoy the process and don’t limit yourself in terms of how creative you can be throughout. Most importantly, BE CAREFUL.

I hope that you find this piece informative.

Until next time, mwah!