What Is The Correct Way To Apply Makeup? Eyes Or Skin First?

As a makeup artist or enthusiast you have been bombarded with a hundred and one techniques on how to apply makeup and the most (and least effective) ways to get that porcelain skin-like-flawless finish. There has been an age old debate about whether makeup artists should begin with the client’s skin first or the eyes. I get this question quite a lot and really, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, there are pros and cons to both methods… let’s explore them below.


The way makeup looks on your skin is very important. That’s why it’s vital for us queens to take care of our skin. We can do this by staying hydrating and following a good skin care routine. For everything else…consult your dermatologist. Overall, we want our makeup application to look flawless: like your skin but better. When you begin with applying your face products first, it allows you to get the bulk of the work done first, amongst other things. Below are a few pro’s and con’s∗ about starting with your face first:

I’ve been loving face first because (in my head) it feels as though the makeup process is moving faster (I’ve checked my time and this is not the case);
If your client is pressed for time completing the face first may allow you to do a quick eye look (saving you time and the stress of being rushed);
It allows time for the foundation to seep into your skin, ultimately looking more natural
Starting with your face also allows you to pay close attention to detail and correct any mistakes at a later stage (if need be).
If you accidentally have product on your hand then it may smudge onto your face and ruin the skin work
If you are working with an eyeshadow palette/pigment with a high fall out, then it will fall onto your skin, sometimes making it difficult to remove;
You will need to shield your resting finger with a cotton pad to avoid indents on the skin


Magaret Wolfe Hungerford said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and she didn’t lie. Often times our eye/eyeshadow is what grabs the attention of an audience (or the really cute boy you like…whatever floats your boat) and the more blended it is, the better. Eyes are said to “make or break” your entire makeup look. Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of beginning your makeup look with your eyeshadow first:
Allows you to be as creative as you would like to be
Allows you to be as messy with the eyeshadow because there is room to clean it up
You will have to be a little more careful around the eye area when applying skin products

Now that you’ve considered all the pros and cons… what’s your favourite way of applying makeup? Skin or eyes first? Leave a comment below

Speak soon & stay safe!